14/04/2012 - The itinerant exhibition opens in Acqui Terme

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“Segni di autore - Premio Acqui Biennale Internazionale per l'incisione - 1991/2011”, which opened in Acqui Terme. Saturday, April 14 at the Palazzo Robellini, it was a special event, with an attentive audience and admired. As is well known, the Biennale of Engraving comes as part of the local Rotary Club to promote the area of Acqui Terme and Monferrato is the art critic Angelo Dragone which suggests to adopt a cultural event, and in particular a competition of original graphic art.

The stage Acqui this celebratory exhibition, gave opportunity to highlight to the public this twofold: the presence, as a guest of honor, a young man in costume Montferrat made a synthesis of the mission which was launched twenty years ago, Premio Acqui dedicated to engraving.

“Segni d’Autore” is a special exhibition in so many ways, from April 14 until May 4, and will be an opportunity to share with the city twenty years of commitment in organizing the event.

The works presented are specially commissioned by the International Biennial Association of Engraving: to Giulia Napoleone, winner of the first edition of Acqui Prize, follow Tino Aime, Andrè Beauchat, Sandro Bracchitta, Livio Ceschin, Teodoro Cotugno, Elisabetta Diamanti, Vincenzo Gatti, Gabriella Locci, Bruno Messieri, Franco Menegon, Snezana Petrovic, Lanfranco Quadrio, Roberto Rampinelli, Giovanni Turria, Susana Vanegas Gandolfo, Cleo Wilkinson, Agostino Zaliani, Roberta Zamboni, Man Zhuang e Alicia Díaz Rinaldi.

“Segni d’Autore” is an overview of the best examples of traditional printmaking techniques: examples of expressive flexibility and variety of processes, of aesthetic and conceptual routes.

The location of the works, leave it largely isolated on the walls, allow to appreciate the high quality of technical and signs, in articulating the ways black display represent rafinitassime executions, but also mixed attract visitors to their complexity of language.

The exhibition at Palazzo Robellini is staged by Giorgio Fridge, doctor painter and diligent and competent employee of the Association Biennial and staff of Revilla Network.


Segni d'Autore

Segni d'Autore

Segni d'Autore

Segni d'Autore