06/10/2011 - 24/06/2012 - Itinerant Exhibition "Segni d'autore"

The International Biennial of Engraving is about to become a traveling exhibition in Europe. This was announced by the president of the Biennale, Joseph Avignolo. The event represents the best opportunity to pay tribute to the tenth edition of the Premio Acqui engraving, which had its highest degree in June, with the awards ceremony, after a long selection procedure, the winners of the 2011 edition of the initiative. It is at that time, after twenty years of effort in organizing the event now known in every continent, which came true the improvement of the organizational need to bring in venues in Spain, France and Belgium works by artists who have written the history of the event art "made in Acqui Terme" from 1993 to 2011, that is to say, as a traveling exhibition called: "Twenty years ... twenty artists."

"It's a special show offers, as part of traditional techniques, examples of expressive flexibility and variety of processes, but also an opportunity to get beyond the image of Piedmont, and in particular of Monferrato, as a promoter of cultural activities", argued Avignolo. The way European exhibition will begin in Betanzos (Spain) with an exhibition at Fundacion CIEC scheduled from October 6 to November 10. From 22 November to 11 December, the exhibition will take place at Brita Prinz of Madrid (Spain). Then will arrive at the Kunst in Het Geuzenhuis of Gent (Belgium), 17 to 26 February 2012. Acqui Terme, will host the exhibition at Palazzo Robellini, from April 14 to May 5, 2012.

The exhibition initiative will complete its journey to Cultuur Centrumm ACCI Ieper (Belgium) June 3 to 24. The artists invited to the event are Tino Aime, Andrè Beuchat, Sandro Bracchitta, Livio Ceschin, Teodoro Cotugno, Elisabetta Diamanti, Vincenzo Gatti, Gabriella Locci, Bruno Missieri, Franco Menegon, Giulia Napoleone, Snezana Petrovic, Lanfranco Quadrio, Roberta Rampinelli, Giovanni Turria, Susana Vanegas Gandolfo, Cleo Wilkinson, Agostino Zaliani, Roberta Zamboni e Man Zhuang. The presentation of the catalog of the initiative is headed by Giuseppe Avignolo, Pedro Galilea, Casa Falconieri, Kunst in het Geuzehuis, Cultur Ieper Centrum and Brita Prinz, with support and collaboration of the Revilla Networks Italia Team Italy-ordination of Edward Avignolo and graphic design Marina Gras.